Member News | POLARIS SHIPPING AGENCIES LLC | Local handling of Roto mill process module and accessories

04 Oct 2021 3:17 PM | Anonymous

Great News...

OPCA United Arab Emirates member POLARIS SHIPPING AGENCIES LLC is continuing their project operations as usual.

Polaris Projects was entrusted with local handling of a shipment of Roto Mill Module along with accessories which was shipped ex Southampton, UK to Abu Dhabi on 2 x 40’ and 2 x 20’ flat racks after necessary dismantling so as to be accommodated on container vessels with the biggest piece having cargo width of 3.5 mtrs and height of 4.55 mtrs.

Considering their scope also included with door delivery and with a maximum height restriction of 5 mtrs allowed on UAE roads officially, Polaris experienced team arranged for proper route survey prior vessel arrival with necessary method of statements and route map prepared for Client’s go ahead and also for necessary approvals from authorities. Required trailers including special low loaders were positioned alongside with permissions from port authority to avoid any delay for vessel operation. Subsequently on completion of all formalities shipment was transported  overnight with required police permission/escort and delivered to receivers on time. 

If you would like to work with Polaris Team, please get in touch with Mr. Rajesh Damodaran (Manager-Business Development, Client Relations) on +9714 8832586 / +97150 6507304 or email him at

Congratulations to POLARIS SHIPPING AGENCIES LLC for their great job!