On-dock combi in Gothenburg

12 Feb 2018 12:55 PM | Anonymous

Original news was published 09 February, 2018

The new Arken Combi Terminal at the Port of Gothenburg has been officially opened.

Containers and trailers can now be transloaded to/from intermodal rail directly at the quayside, and can do so much more efficiently than before. The new terminal will result in higher freight capacity, improved transport efficiency, and cleaner air. And more than 100 trucks a day avoid having to negotiate their way through the centre of Gothenburg going to or from the facility at Gullbergsvass.

Arken Combi Terminal is a 65,000 m2 terminal, located beside the container and ro-ro terminals in the outer port area.

The terminal has been in operation since the turn of the year and already handles more freight than the Gullbergsvass terminal, which has now been closed. There, five trains were handled per day.

Already, seven trains per day are handled in the Arken Combi Terminal and the figure is expected to increase shortly. More than 100,000 trailers a year are expected to change from one mode of transport to another at the new terminal.

“The Arken Combi Terminal is a long-awaited piece in the puzzle at the Port of Gothenburg," said Magnus Kårestedt, Gothenburg Port Authority's CEO. "The market has been looking for ways of handling more goods more efficiently, and the city needs the former terminal area to press ahead with its urban development programme. At last we have a solid intermodal solution in place.”

The Swedish Transport Administration (Traikverket) needs the old terminal site at Gullbergsvass in the centre of Gothenburg for the construction of the West Link rail system, the planned 8 kms long, double-track rail link through the centre of Gothenburg.

Trafikverket is co-funding the new terminal together with the Port of Gothenburg.

“A new combi terminal in a location that is close to industry and the port opens up further potential for establishing a more efficient flow between road, rail and sea," said Lena Erixon, Director General of Trafikverket.

"We also have the added benefit of reduced pressure on the road system in the centre of Gothenburg with the rerouting of heavy vehicle traffic.”