OPCA Member Advantis Projects & Engineering (Pvt) Ltd acquired new heavy lift cranes to support nation’s infrastructure goals

08 Aug 2018 11:59 AM | Anonymous

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Proud to share with you that OPCA Sri Lanka member Advantis Projects & Engineering (Pvt) Ltd acquired two heavy lift cranes to support nation’s infrastructure goals.

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Sri Lanka is a country currently in the midst of a transition from that of a lower middle income country to an upper middle income country. To aid this transition the Government has focused on both social and economic development which has led to a heavy emphasis on investing and improving public infrastructure. Countries like Malaysia and Singapore embarked on a similar path of rapidly developing their infrastructure decades ago and are now reaping the benefits of being business hubs in Asia.

Modern urban infrastructure has the benefit of raising the overall standard of living of residents whilst allowing for the effective management of an increasing population and making the country more compatible with international economic benchmarks amongst many other advantages. Hence the Sri Lankan government has launched an ambitious program of physical infrastructure development to completely upgrade the sea, air, road, power and telecom backbone of the country.

However, complex infrastructure projects like these require expertise and specialized equipment to carry them to completion. In the past the lack of these requirements have impeded the initiation of bold projects and hampered economic growth. Today, in a more mature industry, this is no longer the case. This can in part be attributed to the visionary actions of Advantis Projects, a leading heavy lift project logistics solutions provider.

Advantis Projects correctly identified a gap in the market for heavy lift cranes and recently acquired two heavy lift cranes, one with the capacity to lift 160 tons and the other with the capacity to lift 250 tons. These technologically advanced machines effectively increase the capabilities of their existing fleet of 12T, 25T, 50T, and 100T cranes. This will allow Advantis to cater to projects that require heavier material or equipment to be carried to greater heights such as with wind turbines and high-rises.

These cranes are also operated by highly qualified operators with extensive overseas experience, who hail from industries well known for their safety record such as oil and gas. Complementing this impressive fleet of heavy lift cranes is the company’s own hydraulic multi axle trailer that facilitates the easy transportation of heavy equipment. The company also plans to increase its presence in the region and already operates a fleet of cranes in the Maldives.

Speaking about the latest addition to their fleet, the General Manager of Advantis Projects Shadil Rizan said, “This addition to our fleet will enable us to cater to diverse requirements of our clients whilst providing customized solutions. We also plan to expand our fleet further to add a 350T crane and a 750T crane which will give us the ability to cater to the growing demands of our clientele.”

Advantis Projects’ previous notable infrastructure projects include the transportation of four 110 ton Wartsila diesel engine generators from the Horana BOI zone to the Colombo port and finally to the Karachi port. They also relocated the 24MW Lakdhanavai power plant from Sapugaskanda to Nyala, Sudan and recently concluded the logistics scope of the Greater Colombo transmission and distribution loss reduction project, where the team handled two units of 52 ton transformers, eight units of 71 ton transformers and two units of 131 ton transformers. These projects required extensive planning, precise coordination, innovative thinking, and the use of specialized equipment by highly qualified operators.

Advantis Projects, a subsidiary of Hayleys Advantis Limited, the transportation and logistics arm of Hayleys PLC, is the market leader in providing heavy lift project logistics solutions to local and international contractors who are involved in large-scale infrastructure projects. The company brings over 16 years of experience and a proven delivery record that has been driven with technology innovation and the adherence to industry best practices. The company specializes in freight, chartering, customs clearance & forwarding (C&F), project & general cargo handling, inland transportation, storage facilities, and numerous services related to logistics chains.

Congratulations to ADVANTIS PROJECTS & ENGINEERING (PVT) LTD, Sri Lanka.