Hyster Big Trucks to use Mercedes-Benz MTU engines in EU Stage V machines

12 Mar 2019 3:23 PM | Anonymous

Original news was published on 12 March 2019

In a dramatic move away from Cummins, Hyster Europe has revealed that its Stage V lift trucks for European customers will be powered by Mercedes-Benz/ MTU engines.

“Our heavy industry and port customers in Europe, who will require a Stage V driveline, can continue to expect highly efficient trucks with low fuel and DEF consumption, benefiting from high productivity levels and fast operations with the power available,” said Jan Willem van den Brand, Director Big Truck Product Strategy & Solutions at Hyster Europe.

All Hyster lift trucks over 8 tonnes - FLTs, ECHs, reach stackers and LCH mast trucks - will be equipped with the Stage V-compliant Mercedes-Benz/ MTU Series 1000 (OM 934, OM 936) and 1100 (OM 470) engines. The exact availability varies per series and will be communicated in due course.

All the new engines combine EGR, DOC, SCR and DPF technologies. The OM 934 has a displacement of 5.5 litres, the OM 936 7.7 litres and the OM 470 10.7 litres. This compares with the Cummins Stage IV QSL 9 (8.9 litres).

The engines have been specially designed for industrial applications such as material handling and further developed to meet EU Stage V regulations. They are based on commercial vehicle engines from Daimler.
Lars Kräft, Vice President Industrial Business at MTU, said: “We are very pleased, that Hyster, one of the leading global brands of materials handling equipment, decided to power its new vehicles with our engines.”

“Mercedes-Benz/MTU engines have a highly successful track record in both on-road and off-road applications such as forestry or agriculture. They are also particularly suited to intermittent applications like our business serves,” says van den Brand, explaining that the power ratings range from 129kW to 280kW depending on model.

“With the optimal match of engine sizes to the trucks and applications, customers can handle the heaviest of loads all day long, with quick turnaround times,” he says. “Customers can expect to boost productivity with more power available for faster operations whether it is handling containers in the Swedish winter or steel pipes in the hot Italian summer.”

With service intervals of 1000hrs, good access to main service parts and outstanding durability, the Mercedes-Benz/MTU engines are expected to help reduce service costs.

Hyster Europe will work in close cooperation with MTU to ensure its dealer network, familiar with Cummins engine used up to now by Hyster Big Trucks, will be fully trained and equipped for service support, meaning that end users will receive optimum support throughout their entire product life cycle.

Going forward, it is not clear whether the new arrangements in Europe will have any bearing on Hyster Big Trucks sold in North America.