Member News | NTEX AB acquires Fraktkompaniet

04 Nov 2019 5:42 PM | Anonymous

Good News...

We are proud to share the good news from OPCA member NTEX AB.

Fraktkompaniet becomes part of NTEX

NTEX AB acquires Fraktkompaniet and the two Gothenburg-based transport and logistics companies becomes one.

Both companies are among the most expansive in the Swedish industry and the merger enables an even greater growth rate.

Through the acquisition, NTEX increases its turnover by approximately 360 million SEK and welcomes 100 new employees.

Fraktkompaniet will be run as an independent subsidiary under the direction of CEO Anette Yngvesson.

Fraktkompaniet's founder and CEO Anette Yngvesson comments ‘Becoming part of NTEX is fun and exciting in many ways. On the one hand, it strengthens our offer, and on the other, we have the opportunity to undertake larger assignments. It gives us the power to continue our growth journey at an even faster rate’.
NTEX and Fraktkompaniet are two of the most expansive companies in the Swedish transport industry and have several common denominators.

Both companies started in Gothenburg, both are entrepreneurial-driven and have expanded significantly, albeit with different growth strategies.

While NTEX has grown through organic growth and acquisitions with an international focus, Fraktkompaniet has grown organically with a focus on Sweden.
NTEX’s CEO and founder Thomas Ström says ‘In recent years, NTEX has received many requests from customers to also handle their domestic transport. With the acquisition of Fraktkompaniet, we will be able to satisfy these customers. Our objective is to reach a turnover of 1 billion SEK in domestic transport within 3-4 years. NTEX and Fraktkompaniet know each other well because we have worked together for the past five years. Fraktkompaniet is a very well-run company with a good reputation, and it has made itself known as a smooth and responsible player with a great customer focus. Our values and corporate cultures are in good agreement. Also, we have all the prerequisites for one plus one to become three.’
Fraktkompaniet has enjoyed steady growth since its inception in 2006.

Today, the company has 100 employees, a turnover of approximately 360 million SEK and has operations in Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Stockholm and Malmö.

Now they will become part of the larger transport and logistics company NTEX, whose headquarters are also located in Gothenburg, but also has offices in eight additional European countries.

As a result of the acquisition, NTEX has approximately 400 employees and a turnover of 1.9 billion SEK.

 The acquisition means that Fraktkompaniet's owner and CEO, Anette Yngvesson, will sell all shares to NTEX. Fraktkompaniet will continue to be run by Anette as an independent subsidiary of NTEX.

Congratulations to NTEX AB for the exciting news!