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  • 05 Nov 2018 4:30 PM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    Good News...

    Proud to share with you the professional performance of OPCA member Muscat International Shipping & Logistics LLC, Oman.

    Muscat International Shipping & Logistics LLC has recently handled lifting and installation operations of a glass panel for Aquarium inside the Mall of Muscat in Oman on September 29th, 2018.

    Commercial Manager, Mr.Mithun informed us that a single piece glass for aquarium measuring 6.7 Meter X 8.9 Meter with the thickness 0.4 Meter weighing 31 Tones was successfully lifted and installed inside of the mall. This was the biggest glass installation in Oman.

    Mr. Mithun also indicated that they used a 600 Tones crane to lift and drop down the glass inside the building and chain pulling devices for final alignment from all sides. The project was successfully handled by Project Director, Mr Ramseen and under the guidance of Managing Director, Noushad Rahuman.

    The Mall of Muscat is scheduled to open in February 2019 and our member Muscat Int. Shipping & Logistics LLC will be fixing different dimensions of heavy glasses throughout this year for malls aquarium.

    Congratulations to MUSCAT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING & LOGISTICS LLC, Oman for their excellent job.

  • 02 Nov 2018 4:24 PM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    New members are going on to join Overseas Project Cargo Association from all around the world.

    Today we are happy to announce you that TEAM LOGISTIC SPECIALISTS SRL is our new member from ROMANIA.

    Let's welcome our new member on board of Overseas Project Cargo Association!

    Have a great cooperation together!

    ADDRESS: 6 Zborului Street, 3rd Floor, Consola Building, District 3, Bucharest, Romania
    CONTACT: Adrian Penes / Business Development Manager
    TEL: +40 759 048 040
    FAX: +40 341 450 837


    TEAM LOGISTIC SPECIALISTS SRL is a fully Romanian owned company, which was founded in 2004.

    They provide containerised shipping and they are the sixth company in Constanta regarding the in/out container traffic (import/export).

    Having a strong and dynamic team of Sales and Customer Service, they anticipate the clients’ needs and try to find the best logistics solutions for them.


  • 01 Nov 2018 11:05 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 31 October 2018

    The Georgia Ports Authority has outlined plans for a series of infrastructure projects, designed to boost capacity and provide new opportunities in roll-on, roll-off cargo handling.

    Speaking on the port authority’s fiscal year 2018 results, Executive Director Griff Lynch detailed expansion projects that will double the port’s auto rail capacity and allow Georgia to reach markets as far west as California with direct service.

    “The Port of Brunswick achieved a solid performance across all cargo categories over the last fiscal year. As GPA adds new terminal space, we will expand our service area in the Southeast and beyond,” Lynch said.

    Bulk cargo handling was particularly strong at East River Terminal, operated by terminal operator Logistec, where volumes rose 11 percent to 1 million tons in the fiscal year ended in June.

    GPA plans to add 60 dockside acres to ro-ro operations over the next 12 months. By 2019, the GPA will have added 250 acres, for a total of 550 acres of leasable space for auto processing at Colonel’s Island Terminal.


  • 31 Oct 2018 4:37 PM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    New members are going on to join Overseas Project Cargo Association from all around the world.

    Today we are happy to announce you that PT. POS LOGISTIK INDONESIA is our new member from INDONESIA.

    Let's welcome our new member on board of Overseas Project Cargo Association!

    Have a great cooperation together!

    ADDRESS: Gedung Pos Ibukota Lt. 4 Jl. Lapangan Banteng Utara No. 1 Jakarta 10710 Indonesia
    CONTACTS: Anang Hidayat
    Rahmat Eka Haryanto
    TEL: +6221 3483 2552
    FAX: +6221 3519 967


  • 30 Oct 2018 10:02 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 28 October 2018

    Peel Ports and ASCO have joined forces in a long-term strategic partnership aimed at supporting the energy sector in Great Yarmouth and promoting future sustainability for the port

    By working in collaboration, the two organisations aim to support existing customers and attract new ones to the port by offering increased flexibility to meet the demands of the oil and gas, renewable energy and decommissioning sectors operating out of Great Yarmouth.

    The 12-year partnership will officially commence from January 2019 and will see ASCO assume operational responsibility for two more berths at the Peel Ports port.

    Glenn Hurren, ASCO’s Southern North Sea Director said: "Our new partnership gives the additional capacity we needed to expand our operations in Great Yarmouth. We now have a stronger base for building marine collaboration in the UK Southern North Sea sector and the ability to provide a flexible solution for our customers covering Peterhead, Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth."

    The partnership will generate long term job creation and sustainability through the attraction of new business to the region, said Peel Port.

    Port Director Richard Goffin said: “Through working with ASCO, we will be able to harness the enormous potential that Great Yarmouth has as a key base for oil and gas, renewable energy and decommissioning operations.

    “We will bring together best-in-class expertise and facilities to promote further collaboration, diversify offerings and services offered by both companies and ensure a solid foundation for continued growth and investment at Great Yarmouth."


  • 26 Oct 2018 2:48 PM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    OPCA Turkey Member Element Int'l Forwarding & Logistics Ltd informed that their office will be closed on 29 October 2018 (1 day) due to national holiday.

    They will resume to work on Tuesday, 30 October 2018.

    For your kind information.


  • 25 Oct 2018 8:56 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 24 October 2018

    Huisman has secured a contract with Japan Marine United (JMU) for the delivery of a 1,000-tonne capacity pedestal-mounted crane for an offshore wind turbine installation vessel.

    A 600-tonne capacity pedestal-mounted crane from Huisman was installed on GeoSea's vessel Neptune.A 600-tonne capacity pedestal-mounted crane from Huisman was installed on GeoSea's vessel Neptune.

    The unit will be built at Huisman China's facilities and will be installed at JMU’s shipyard. The end clients are Japanese construction companies Obayashi Corporation and TOA Corporation.

    The crane design will be based on the 800-tonne capacity pedestal-mounted crane delivered to JMU for a self-elevating platform (SEP), but will be adapted to suit the specific requirements of Obayashi Corporation and TOA Corporation.


  • 23 Oct 2018 10:21 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 19 October 2018

    Improved data sharing about berth availability at ports could deliver “substantial savings” for shipping lines, according to new research commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority and research institute TNO.

    The findings mark the conclusion of a study looking at the utilization of berths and sailing speeds on approach, particularly during the last 12 hours before docking of a vessel.

    “If sea-going vessels are regularly kept informed … about exactly when their berth will become available, they will be able to adapt their sailing speed accordingly,” a spokesperson for Rotterdam said.

    Shorter Breakbulk Anchorage Times

    The report’s authors estimate that this would not only lower emissions of carbon dioxide, sulphur oxides and nitrous oxides but, due to shorter waiting times for ships in anchorage areas, deliver significant costs savings when scaled across fleets.

    “If this waiting time was an average of 12 hours shorter, that would really make a difference in percentage terms,” said Jan Hulskotte, senior researcher at TNO.

    As the largest port in Europe, the port of Rotterdam, covers 105 square kilometers and is home to some of the densest maritime traffic corridors in the world, making the findings significant when considered across all traffic. Consisting of five distinct port areas and three distribution parks, the port’s hinterland serves an estimated 40 million consumers and handles 30,000 ocean-going vessels and 105,000 inland vessels per year.

    CO2 reductions

    Through analysis of the movements of container ships sailing to Rotterdam port in 2017 the report’s authors were able to calculate that adjusting sailing speed by an average of 5 percent was enough to cut more than 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

    “By supplying more accurate information to ships, 4 percent – or 134,000 tonnes – of CO2 emissions can be saved every year,” Hulskotte said.

    “In percentage terms, we’re talking about modest amounts … but it’s exactly these types of measures that can make a huge difference in the short term and help reduce the carbon footprint of marine shipping. Added to that, they’d also have a beneficial effect on the wallets of the shipping companies,” said Astrid Dispert, technical adviser of the Global Maritime Energy Efficiency Partnerships project.


  • 18 Oct 2018 11:26 AM | Anonymous

    Dear All,

    Strong partners are going on to join Overseas Project Cargo Association from all around the world. Today we are happy to announce you that GPA LOGISTICS SAS is our new member from FRANCE.

    Let's welcome our new member on board of Overseas Project Cargo Association!

    Have a great cooperation together! 

    ADDRESS:8, Rue Robert Moinon, BP 10218, 95190 Goussainville, France
    CONTACTS:Roxanne Heimbourger
    Jean-Philippe Chemla
    TEL:+33 (0)1 30 11 89 61
    FAX:+33 (0)1 30 11 89 66


    GPA Logistics SAS is a company that was set up in 2011, with the legal status of a commission agent for transports.

    In order to meet the complex requirements of transporting heavy and oversized gear, their Cargo Project service offers a complete scope of logistic services to make sure your goods reach their destination as anticipated.

    Thinking about such matters in a creative and inventive way is necessary in order to find adapted solutions. Setting up a personalized transport plan, they can estimate costs beforehand better and make sure the routes and selected modes of transport are the most adequate.

    The fact that they have successfully transported equipment for mining plants, human or animal food factories, sugar refinery equipment or in the car, metal or petrochemical industries relies on their network of involved specialists strategically positioned/situated, who are providing them with a good job at working within delays and spending limits. GPA Logistics actors have from the start been able to gain their clients ‘trust and developed new skills to meet their diverse needs and adapt to the realities faced by exporters.


  • 18 Oct 2018 4:13 AM | Anonymous

    Original news was published on 17 October, 2018 

    Volga-Dnepr Airlines has organised the delivery of a crankshaft from Mexico to India on a charter flight for DHL Global Forwarding.

    The 38-ton shipment travelled from Apodaca, Nuevo Leon to Mumbai, and was packed into a seven metre long box along with support equipment required for loading.

    Within 12 hours of receiving the request, Volga-Dnepr specialists developed special loading and packaging options for the customers.

    Volga-Dnepr deputy commercial director of charter cargo operations, Ekaterina Andreeva says: “With our expertise in the transportation of oversized cargo, our specialised equipment and our experience in meeting tight schedules, we were able to operate this Apodaca to Mumbai flight efficiently.

    “Our unique ramp-loading IL-76TD-90VD freighter is equipped with onboard cranes and winches which facilitate optimised loading. Our aircraft, equipped with modern engines and unrestricted for global operations, secure extended opportunities for us to satisfy the market demands of the energy sector.”

    *NEWS SOURCE Registered & Protected Protection Status