It will be pleasure for us to provide one year free membership (usd 2000/year) in gold level for new members upon completion of membership requirements. Due to highest level interest in OPCA, we give priority for membership to the agents who will attend next AGM 24, 25, 26 June 2018 Bangkok, Thailand. Therefore, OPCA is looking for agents who attend Annual General Meetings and put effort to develop business and exchange leads with fellows.

Please note that an applicant company must have at least six years experience in the industry.

Membership Requirements

1) Company incorporation documents, certificates and/or licences should be provided.

2) Two overseas references are required from your overseas freight forwarder partners.

3) Latest project shipment presentation which was handled or organized by your company.

How to apply for membership?

Two steps for smooth membership process;

1.STEP: Fill the online application form with all required details. Note that we will contact your references in the application form to confirm their commercial relationship with your company and check their satisfaction level about your service quality.

2.STEP: Please provide legal certificate of incorporation, business licences and other certificates. Note that we need to be sure that your company is officially exist, officially registered and accredited to international industry.

All steps are formed to provide RELIABLE and STRONG partners to OPCA members, rules are same for any company and should be completed in same way. Thanks in advance for your kind understanding and be sure that membership process is for the SUCCESS of OPCA.


Branch office defined as an office located in same country with Headquarter under same company name. It DOES NOT refer to an office in another country and DOES NOT refer to sister or sub-company.

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