Member News | VIETRANSTIMEX MULTI-MODAL TRANSPORT HOLDING COMPANY transported 17 piperack modules of B&C package under the southern petrochemical complex project

24 Mar 2021 10:22 AM | Anonymous

Good News...

Glad to share with you the professional performance of valued OPCA member VIETRANSTIMEX MULTI-MODAL TRANSPORT HOLDING COMPANY, Vietnam.

As a leading company in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in the field of oversize-overweight cargo & equipment transportation and installation, Vietranstimex is honored to become a transportation partner of B&C package of the Southern Petrochemical Complex Project, handling to load-out and transport 17 Piperack Modules weighing from more than 100 tons to 1,400 tons per each from the Shipyard port to Long Son Construction Jetty, Vung Tau, being loaded-in and transported on the internal roads of the construction site, being installed in the location as required to serve for the construction of the factory. Receiving and transportation of these 17 Piperack Module packages have been carried out by Vietranstimex since the beginning of October 2020 and so far, the first 3 shipments containing 6 Piperack Modules (including: HD-PAR-001; HD-PAR-002; PP-PAR-001; PP-PAR-002; PP-PAR-003; PP-PAR-004) with a total weight of nearly 1,130 tons that have been received, loaded-out and transported successfully from the Shipyard port, Vung Tau to the factory on October 31, 2020. Vietranstimex had been handling to receive the 4th shipment and transportation of all these 17 Piperack Modules were expected to be completed by mid-January 2021.

Transportation of these Piperack Modules is mainly carried out by waterway, using specialized lifting equipment to load-out and load-in Piperack Modules on barge of 6,800 tons, using 26 ballast pumps with capacity of 300-400 cubic meters/hour (m3/h) and specialized access bridge system. In addition, Vietranstimex has also mobilized technical staffs and skilled experts in controlling the transportation equipment of overweight-oversize structure to collaborate and organize the transportation in full compliance with regulations, ensuring maritime safety, construction site safety, as well as fully meet the rigorous requirements and specifications of the Investor. This is the first time in Vietnam that a factory is made completely of the components of Piperack Modules fabricated by Vietnamese companies, this proves that Vietnamese businesses have gradually demonstrated their ability to master the complex technology and high-tech in construction of factory. In particular, Vietranstimex has taken a role as a transportation provider for all Piperack Modules that helps the factory construction to be accelerated and effective. With the ability to master door-to-door logistics services for large structures that require extremely methodical and professional calculations and execution, Vietranstimex is proud to accompany domestic construction companies to create a closed - supply chain mastered by Vietnamese in technology and honored to be highly appreciated by EPC General Contractor (Samsung Engineering).

All modules were transported to the designated platform as requested by the client and the last shipment load-out was finished on February 2021 with a huge success.

Congratulations to VIETRANSTIMEX MULTI-MODAL TRANSPORT HOLDING COMPANY for their excellent job!