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  • 24 Feb 2014 5:30 PM | Anonymous

    It is our pleasure to share with you the arrival of new agents to our group. Today we welcome GREENWAYS LOGISTICS INTL CO from KUWAIT. Wish you a good cooperation and a nice week ahead !


    ADDRESS : Fadala Complex, Floor 3, Office No 1. Farwaniya, KUWAIT
    CONTACT : Abdul Kadar - Business Development Manager
    TEL : +965 24760581
    FAX : +965 24760591
    WEB :

  • 24 Feb 2014 5:09 AM | Anonymous

    CEA Project Logistics recently received official certification from the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and further approval from the Marine department for their Jumbo Waste bags. These bags have now been recognized by the United Nations and registered with an official UN number.

    CEA started producing Jumbo Waste Bags in early 2012 after noticing a gap in the Asian market for servicing the oil and gas sector. The bags are used to collect the waste by-products from off shore drilling which can contain many heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, zinc, chromium, copper, and others) that come from components of both drilling fluids and drilling cuttings.

    The bags have a safe load weight of two metric ton and are lined with an inner Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bag which ensures that if any tears occur to the outer bag the contents will still remain sealed in the inner bag. The bags are produced at their Laem Chabang facility situated on Thailand’s eastern seaboard.

    CEA’s client list includes Chevron and PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP).
    Such is the demand for these bags that the CEA plastics team are now working at maximum output.





  • 04 Feb 2014 4:40 AM | Anonymous

    CEA Project Logistics recently executed a project for the Nissan Motor Company which involved the transportation of factory parts which totaled 5,200 tons.

    The factory parts arrived by ship at Laem Chabang Port and were unloaded by the vessel onto the dock below. Two CEA 50 ton cranes were then used to lift the parts on to three different types of trailer Flatbed, Lowbed and Multi Axle, this was due to the cargo being oversized and varying in weight. All cargo was secured with ratchet straps and transported to the CEA yard in Laem Chabang for two weeks storage until delivery date.

    Upon delivery date the same configuration of trailers made the 82km journey to the Nissan facility in Samut Prakan. As these parts were oversized cargo CEA employed the services of the local Highway Police for a full escort to ensure the safety of all road users.







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  • 04 Feb 2014 4:09 AM | Anonymous

    Claridon Group Ltd in UK recently handled the transport of Centrifugal Fans & Accessories on 5 x 40ft Flat Racks all oog with widths at max 3.64 mtrs and heights at max  4.58 mtrs, total 577.64 m3 all shipped via Southampton and can confirm that all cargo has arrived in Haiphong for delivery to the consignee.  All UK transport was arranged by Claridon Group together with the sheeting, load / lashing / securing or all cargo at the UK exit port.


  • 31 Jan 2014 5:34 AM | Anonymous

    Mr Earl Brown, the Area Manager at CEA Projects, explains; "The Heliotrope’s architecture is the result of a project brief of comfort and security. As one of the very few mixed energy watercrafts, Heliotrope can produce up to 7 kilowatts of solar energy. The latest of the series, the 80ft mixed energy catamaran (solar and diesel) is a bigger version of the existing Heliotropes designed, even the paintwork on the Heliotrope is unique as the gold colour was a special mix created by the boat builders and can now be purchased as Heliotrope Gold!
    The role of CEA was to transport the catamaran from her building yard to the beach and successfully float her in an efficient, safe and timely manner, as this was to be a beach launch CEA had to survey the local beach for the optimum position for launch, after this had been ascertained CEA proceeded to excavate the beach moving several tonnes of sand to create a temporary slipway upon which steel plates were placed to allow their heavy lift vehicle to maneuver safely. After the beach had been prepared the CEA team would have to wait until the next day to launch her as the whole project was planned and determined by the local tide levels.
    On the day of the launch a CEA specialized heavy lift, 10 axle hydraulic trailer was carefully maneuvered into position below the catamaran, with expert precision the trailer was hydraulically raised to take the full weight, after all support beams and blocks had been removed the trailer and its cargo made the short half mile trip to its launch site. Upon arrival at the beach the trailer was slowly reversed down the slipway and placed in the shallow water awaiting the tide to rise and naturally float the Catamaran.  CEA were lucky enough to meet the new owners who congratulated them on an excellent execution of a complex project.
    CEA Project Logistics would like to thank all the team at Ocean Marina Yacht Club for their time and assistance in this project.
    Please Note: CEA returned the beach to its original state without any environmental impact following the successful launch."











  • 28 Jan 2014 6:26 AM | Anonymous

    CEA Project Logistics were privileged and honored to assist the Royal Thai Navy on a recent project that involved transporting a USD 7 million Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopter. The Seahawk was to be moved from its base at Utapao Airport in Rayong province to one of CEA’s facilities in Laem Chabang, there it would be processed ready for shipment to Australia where it would undergo a full refit.

    The CEA team arrived early in the morning at Utapao airport home to Seahawk Squadron 302 and began the operation, as Utapao is an active military naval base the team had a window of just 2.5 hours to complete the first stage of the project.

    First the Seahawk’s main rotor blades were carefully packed into a military cargo crate while the tail rotor blades were placed in a CEA custom made crate and surrounded by rubber to ensure no damage would occur during transportation. These crates were then lifted on to a CEA flatbed truck and strapped securely. A 25 ton crane was used with Modulift spreader bars to lift the valuable cargo on to a CEA Air Ride trailer, it was then carefully lashed and strapped and covered with a tarpaulin to ensure extra protection and security for the 60km journey to the CEA facility in Laem Chabang.

    Upon arrival at Laem Chabang the Seahawk was uncovered and all straps and lashes were removed allowing it to be lifted from the Air Ride trailer by use of a CEA Reach Stacker and placed on a 40 foot flat rack, this flat rack was modified by CEA to accommodate the Seahawks landing gear. Once again it was strapped, lashed and covered in readiness for the short journey to port.

    The Seahawk’s rotor blades and other accessories were packed into a 40 foot container and secured in place with lashing straps. After the container was sealed cleaning and fumigation in accordance with Australian DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) requirements was applied.

    The cargo was then safely transported and loaded onto the vessel bound for Australia.







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  • 28 Jan 2014 5:51 AM | Anonymous

    Sri Lanka Government has issued new Gazette on Local charges. Sri Lanka Freight Forwarders Association sent the request to The President to review it again since there are difficulties to do the same. Till the government inform any changes on this Gazette, Freight Forwarders have to obey to the law. Please inform all your team and review the notification in below link.




  • 20 Jan 2014 4:48 AM | Anonymous

    CEA once again proved why it is the number one choice for boat launches on the Eastern Seaboard with a potentially difficult project which would involve three separate lifts.

    Five days before launch date CEA had visited the boat yard to formulate strategies with the boat builders which would ensure a safe and efficient execution. After several measurements had been taken it became apparent that upon departure from the yard the boat would not pass safely through the main gate, after inspection of the gate and the immediate fencing it was agreed that the best possible solution was to lift the boat over the fence onto the road below.

    A beautiful clear day greeted the CEA team as they arrived at the boat yard in Rayong province. The team quickly got to work positioning two 50 ton cranes either side of the boat and assembling the Modulift spreader bars with the necessary slings. The first lift involved lifting the boat off its cradle and placing it gently onto four support stands, while the boat was in lift the cradle was pushed out to allow room for the CEA multi axle hydraulic trailer.

    The trailer was carefully reversed under the boat, chocks and rubber mats were placed under the agreed load points to ensure optimum weight distribution during transportation. The trailer made the very short journey across the boat yard and placed perpendicular to the fence. The second lift began by raising the boat off the trailer, the trailer then moved out of the yard and positioned itself on the road ready for the next stage. The cranes working in tandem turned the boat until it was parallel with the fence then slowly moved it over the fence and lowered it for a second time on to the four support stands.

    The trailer reversed underneath the boat and the previous process was applied once again, the boat was then strapped and secured ready for the 30km journey to the marina. As this was an abnormally wide and high value load CEA employed the services of the local Highway Police to escort the convoy ensuring the safety of all road users.

    On arrival at the marina the cranes assumed their position for the third and final lift, as the boat made its way down the main thoroughfare a crowd had gathered to celebrate in its launch. The boat was placed in position and just as the Siam sun began to set the final lift began. The boat was lifted up and across the marina barriers and slowly lowered into the water below, as the boat touched the water for the very first time cheers rang out from the gathering crowd, a few nervous moments followed as builders, designers and more importantly the owner of the boat waited to see if she floated!!

    CEA are happy to say that the boat sat perfectly in the water and all involved were relieved and very happy with the outcome. The CEA team then unhooked all straps and carefully retracted them from the water to be packed away. All in all another great project executed professionally.








  • 14 Jan 2014 6:11 AM | Anonymous
    Dear All,

    We are happy to present OPCA new website today. You will be updated about the industry regulary and can keep in contact with member agents effectively through improved OPCA infrastructure.


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