My joining of Overseas Project Cargo Association (OPCA) was to meet up with new forwarders I do not know, and not to meet forwarders I already knew and I am very glad that going to Istanbul, Turkey for the first time and also for the first Annual General Meeting of OPCA,  I have had the opportunity to meet up with new people, exchange new ideas and try to formulate new business.  A network meeting is important to touch base with your partners every year and this will eventually lead to friendship, trust and good business relationship in that order.  I hope that everyone who attended that first meeting will benefit from that friendship firstly and benefit mutually thereafter.

In my 40 years of shipping and freight forwarding it is very important to get to know your partners whenever they may be in the world  because one day you will need to have their input when you have a project shipment to their area.  I always keep my options open as experience tells me you will need their services and it will be too late when you start to scramble to look for an agent to a country when you have a shipment coming up quickly and to places you may not even have shipped to before as it will give you confidence that your partner or agent whom you have met at the meetings is there to take care of your cargo.  I tell this from experience and this is where Overseas Project Cargo Association as an organization can help and foster such contacts.


Fortunate be a part of 1st Annual General Meeting of Overseas Project Cargo Association (OPCA) held in Istanbul, TURKEY. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of the event. It was one of the best organized event we have been part of ... Thanks to Mr.Kemal, Mrs.Selda and Ms.Ilayda for organising it so well. This meeting was instrumental for us to get engaged with many professionals of Project Cargo Industries. We wish to thank Overseas Project Cargo Association to make this happen. Also our sincere gratitude for all fellow members for their association with us. Hope to meet you all again on the second Annual Conference soon. Thanks.


We wish to thank Mr.Kemal, Mrs.Selda, Ms.Ilayda and other members of OPCA management team, valued members of OPCA for successful hosting of the OPCA 1st Annual Meeting (2014) in Istanbul, TURKEY. "AVANT Logistics Ltd" is a relatively new company, though the management and operation team members are quite old in individual experiences and "Overseas Project Cargo Association" is the only network that AVANT is a member of.  

Personally, I had the opportunity to attend few conferences of other networks through my association with my previous company.  The difference I observed in OPCA is the Personal Touch. 

The way of OPCA team looked after the individual needs for all members was really commendable. They also was  able to create a bondage between the members.  We have already done few businesses with couple of OPCA members. Thanks OPCA for creating an opportunity for companies like ours who don’t have other network membership. We wish a very big success for Overseas Project Cargo Association.


Thank Overseas Project Cargo Association (OPCA) to give me opportunities to know project cargo agents and bring more business for sure! OPCA is a system integrity, logic strict and structure science network. As mentioned by Mr.Kemal's welcome speech that the networking is based on promoting interpersonal relationships which is a kind of integral, unique understanding and easily method. Thanks Mr.Kemal, Mrs.Selda and Ms.Ilayda for the very well organized event. It was a pleasure to join OPCA 1st AGM 2014 Istanbul, Turkey. The intellectual level of AGM was excellent. Trust OPCA members will be more successful working together!  Can't wait for the next conference. Cheers!



It was our privilege to be the part of the 1st AGM meet 2014 held in Istanbul, TURKEY by Overseas Project Cargo Association. Since it was the 1st AGM, we attended it with lot of concerns on the outcome of the meetings but our concerns got outlined by the professionalism shown by the management of OPCA.

I would like to Thank Mr.Kemal KIRIKKANAT, Mrs.Selda KIRIKKANAT and Ms.Ilayda YILMAZ for organizing and concluding such an event.  All the participants attended could show their expertise/professionalism to each others during the one to one meetings and other interactions.

This AGM has made us confident to bid for projects in respective countries where we can count on our agents through OPCA. On behalf of Beacon & Bay , Dubai, I would like to extend our sincere support and best wishes to our fellow partners and Overseas Project Cargo Association management for the year 2015. See you all soon and keep up the good spirits.



My gratitude is to the management of Overseas Project Cargo Association for the successful 1st AGM in Istanbul, TURKEY. The experience during the interaction with the OPCA management reveals an innate culture of professionalism and a desire to deliver as promised. Logistics is everything and to establish the right partners and network is paramount if we are to offer seamless solutions. OPCA is the solution for Project Cargo. The diverse wealth of experience of the members of each country represented is an asset to cherish and a guarantee that it’s done!! It’s members are keen on forging new alliances for the mutual good of all parties and quick to offer solutions that are cost effective. We are proud members. Thank you


I attended the 1st OPCA AGM in Istanbul back in November, I did not know what to expect, however I  was pleasantly surprised how organized the event was.

I was also impressed by the caliber of other Network members, their positivity & can do attitude, I met some partners that I intend to collaborate on future Projects.
It would be wonderful to grow this Network & keep in touch with other members to see & hear about their success stories moving Project Cargo around the globe.


I do thank the  Overseas Project Cargo Association (OPCA) 1st AGM  Management of such incredible way of organization with high quality of know how in maritime and Trade sectors supported by a great team of members from all over the world and they are showing the excellent quality of OPCA care of  Administration system through the days of the 1st Annual General Meeting in Istanbul, TURKEY  with a highly rated approach for all members in an excellent way of organization beside the  5 stars accommodation with well prepared  meeting hole during the stay in the  Holiday Inn Hotel. OPCA have a very supportive and energetic members gathered from all over the world makes every member is relishing to extend  meeting  each other again, I am sincerely  strongly  encourage  everybody in these sectors to seek obtaining an OPCA  membership  to witness the reality of warm ship, business support & the high quality of arrangements to enhance your business development,  and over all services we were offered in Istanbul  shows all.


I attended a meeting for another network at Kuala Lumpur in October and one of my friend talked about OPCA. Even we did not think to be a member of another network, there would be a meeting at Istanbul and just attending meeting will be enough to be a 1 year membership. So we decided to attend this meeting and to see what is OPCA. It was the first meeting for OPCA. We had a lot of question before meeting. When I entered the hotel, I recognised the professionality.

Everything was thought as welcome desk-welcome cocktail-signs-meeting hall etc. There were more than 40 different  companies managers, CEOs from different countries.

We had very useful meetings and relations during meetings and after meetings. We believe that kind of Networks are not only for today, for the Future. We are very happy to be a member of OPCA and we had no more questions. I recommend to my key contacts to be a member of OPCA. During I was writing  this message, I have received an inquiry from Malaysia :)

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