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Discover the Power of Partnership with the “Overseas Project Cargo Association”. Elevate your business to extraordinary heights with our network's unparalleled support and expertise. By joining forces with the “OPCA” members, you will gain access to a wealth of profitable opportunities and invaluable resources. Don't miss out—secure your spot today and watch your profits soar.



Empowering Success with Cutting-Edge Tools

At “Overseas Project Cargo Association”, we understand that our members require advanced tools to effectively manage their “network” and succeed in their endeavors. We recognize that by fostering a profitable ecosystem, we not only benefit our members but also add value to the entire industry. Join us and experience the difference that innovative tools can make in your business growth and success.

Hand-Picked Partners

We recognize that project freight forwarders seek proactive and experienced partners worldwide to enhance their operations. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous six-year existence criteria, ensuring that only the most established and reputable members join our network.

Payment Monitoring

The Payment Monitoring module, exclusive to the members of OPCA, streamlines payment balance management by automatically tracking receivable and payable invoices. This efficient system not only saves time but also provides instant financial status reports.

Claim System

Promptly reporting any discrepancies in shipping modes and member performance is crucial for network management. The system ensures quick resolution of issues by facilitating proper process management. Members can easily report any concerns through this module.

RFQ System

OPCA prioritizes swift and accurate transmission of quote requests among member agents and ensures prompt responses. The RFQ System is designed to expedite the quoting process, providing exporters and importers with timely quotes for their needs.

Chat System

OPCA believes effective communication is key to customer satisfaction. We foster synchronized collaboration among members and their teams through the Chat System, enabling instant responses and efficient communication.

Targeted Events

In the dynamic business landscape, we organize both physical and virtual events to foster meaningful connections. The "INO Summit" offers a unique concept for physical gatherings, while virtual meetings, in collaboration with solution partners, facilitate business improvement.



Expand Your Reach, Access Elite Networking

Established in 2014, our network was founded by Mr. Kemal KIRIKKANAT, a second-generation project freight forwarder with academic expertise in logistics, management, and organization. With a keen understanding of stakeholders' needs and targets, we are committed to becoming the premier global network for project cargo. Our dedication and enthusiasm promise great benefits for our members. You'll experience seamless collaboration with fellow members to optimize project cargo shipments worldwide. Our stringent membership standards ensure strong partnerships, helping you expand your business effectively.

A specialized project cargo network offering ample space for collaboration.

Engaging events fostering enhanced cooperation among the members.

State-of-the-art infrastructure empowering to efficiently communicate.

Why Choose Us

Business Networking Is Our Core Business

At OPCA, networking is not just a side aspect of our business—it's our core focus. Our journey began in 2009 under the guidance of our founder, Mr. Kemal KIRIKKANAT, a seasoned project freight forwarder with a vision to revolutionize the industry. With a deep understanding of the power of strong agency networks in enhancing long-term profitability, KIRIKKANAT identified a gap in the market for a network that truly met the needs of project cargo professionals. KIRIKKANAT set out to create OPCA. Today, our dedicated team, driven by a distinctive corporate culture, continues to make a difference in the industry. Discover why networking is at the heart of everything we do at OPCA.

Secure Agency Ecosystem

Secure Agency Ecosystem

We have created and offered you a system where members are selected carefully, in addition to our strict criteria and requirements.

High-Tech Infrastructure

High-Tech Infrastructure

We provide our members with a 100% platform owned by us, continually enhancing our infrastructure through our in-house software development team.

Data-Driven Management

Data-Driven Management

We embrace a data-driven management approach, providing our members with datasets that reflect their own situations.

Core Business Approach

Core Business Approach

Managing business networks and platforms are our primary and sole job. We are not affiliated with any freight forwarder company, and we do not see this as a retirement venture.


How It Works

How It Works


Membership is only granted following an in-depth review process including requirements completion.

How It Works


Complete and submit the membership application form today. It only takes two minutes to fill out.

How It Works


Typically, getting approval takes a few days to a few weeks, depending on the quality of your references.



There are two types of membership levels: Gold (excluding protection) and Platinum (including protection). A company is required to maintain at least one year of Gold-Level membership. After completing the first year of Gold-Level membership, the company must provide two references from within the network to upgrade to the Platinum-Level.


$ 1250.00 / year

  •   Payment Monitoring System
  •   Global Warning System
  •   Claim System
  •   RFQ System
  •   Chat System
  •   News Feed
  •   Virtual and Physical Events


$ 2000.00 / year

  •   All Features at Gold Level
  •   Payment Protection Program
  •   Discount on Virtual Events
  •   Discount on Physical Events
  •   Recognition on All Occasions


Transforming Meetings into Productive Collaborations

"Overseas Project Cargo Association" is one of the strongest networking platforms for “project freight forwarders” and “logistics” professionals in the world, with global in-person meetings and a wide selection of “online events”. We all thrive on human interaction. So, it is no surprise that meeting clients and colleagues face to face helps all of us to make deeper connections, build trust, and create strong business relationships. Taking the time to arrange to meet someone face to face shows that you value the person and demonstrates that you are invested in the meeting agenda.


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Meet the people who have shaped the future of Project Cargo Business

We provide services to our members with a team of 30 professionals with various areas of expertise. Carefully blending youth, dynamism, and experience, our team continuously works to enhance our platform based on member demands.


Proven Success

Don’t take our word for it, read what our members are saying about us.


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The frequency of refreshed, relevant content on our blog or news feed has a direct relevance to the reputation of our members. Regularly updated quality content increases indexing and strengthens the online presence of our members. Here are the news and articles from the members and the network.

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