Member News | R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O. handled very special and delicate cargo

28 Jul 2021 6:56 PM | Anonymous

Good News...

Glad to share with you the professional performance of valued OPCA member R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O., Croatia.

R&B Global Projects Croatia handled the 5th lot of FTL road transport of very special and delicate cargo: Voltage dividers from Cairo Montenotte (Italy) to Erlangen (Germany).

What makes this road transport challenging is not the size, unlike their usual out of gauge transports which they handle in R&B, but its big fragility!

Voltage Dividers are very sensitive pieces of equipment and their transport has to be arranged very thoughtfully in order for the components not to get damaged. Additionally, the driver has to take pictures and “record" the shock-recorders during/after loading and unloading, as well as stop a few times during the transport to check if the cargo is undamaged.

The cases which hold the voltage dividers are equipped with specialized mounted shock recorders, which show if there was a strong momentum (shock move) which could have damaged the cargo during the transport, this of course has to be avoided. R&B does this by using special “air suspension” trucks which are usually brand new and offer a smooth transport of the cargo, and thanks to their professional partner, best drivers are choosen for this transport to ensure that, no matter what happens on the road, the momentum is never too large to damage the cargo.

Also the drivers are well informed about the fragility of the cargo and perform all the necessary checks before/during/after transport to make sure the cargo is undamaged and safely delivered.

They are looking forward to handling many more shipments of Voltage dividers as they are always a welcome challenge!

They thank the client for the trust and say that “WE ALWAYS DO OUR BEST TO DO BEST.”

Congratulations to R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O. for their excellent job!