Member News | R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O. goes to Serbia again!

23 Sep 2021 10:22 AM | Anonymous

Good News...

Glad to share with you the professional performance of valued OPCA member R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O., Croatia.

During summer, R&B Global Projects Croatia was tasked with transporting a set of nitrogen compressors together with accessories from Rijeka, Croatia to Smederevo, Serbia. The cargo consisted of Multiple OOG pieces with accessories. The biggest piece was over 7 meters long, 4.7 meter wide and 3.5+ meter high. The cargo was delivered to Rijeka container terminal with 2x flatracks and 2x standard container on board a container vessel, where R&B Team took over. The cargo was transshipped to special trucks and adequately lashed and secured and delivered to the consignee in Smederevo. There were 2x standard containers with accessories that accompanied this OOG shipment, they were transshipped to a tautliner truck with also delivered the goods to Smederevo.

The challenge for this project was the width of the largest piece which demanded special arrangement to be made in order for the cargo to arrive with no problems or delays. Special route checks had to be arranged, traffic lights, telephone lines, etc. had to be removed on particular parts of the route and the Police escort was required to accompany the special truck the full way from Rijeka to Smederevo during the night driving. The cargo was delivered successfully with no delays and the client was happy!

They thank their client for the trust and say that “We always do our best to do best!”

Congratulations to R&B GLOBALNI PROJEKTI D.O.O. for their outstanding job!