Hand-Picked Partners

We recognize that project freight forwarders seek proactive and experienced partners worldwide to enhance their operations. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous six-year existence criteria, ensuring that only the most established and reputable members join our network.

Payment Monitoring

The Payment Monitoring module, exclusive to the members of OPCA, streamlines payment balance management by automatically tracking receivable and payable invoices. This efficient system not only saves time but also provides instant financial status reports.

Claim System

Promptly reporting any discrepancies in shipping modes and member performance is crucial for network management. The system ensures quick resolution of issues by facilitating proper process management. Members can easily report any concerns through this module.

RFQ System

OPCA prioritizes swift and accurate transmission of quote requests among member agents and ensures prompt responses. The RFQ System is designed to expedite the quoting process, providing exporters and importers with timely quotes for their needs.

Chat System

OPCA believes effective communication is key to customer satisfaction. We foster synchronized collaboration among members and their teams through the Chat System, enabling instant responses and efficient communication.

Targeted Events

In the dynamic business landscape, we organize both physical and virtual events to foster meaningful connections. The "INO Summit" offers a unique concept for physical gatherings, while virtual meetings, in collaboration with solution partners, facilitate business improvement.

Supporters and Partners

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